Monday, July 29, 2013

Surgery Day

So...I start a new blog to journal my experience living my life.... and then I drop off the face of the earthfor two weeks.

What is that?

That is me taking time to heal, learn some of my new limits and generally focus on taking care of myself 100%.

Guess what?  I'm  ready to share what's been up!


15 July
Surgery day

I was lucky to be my surgeon's first surgery of the day, and I guess my doc likes to sleep in because I didn't have to be at the hospital til 9:50a (ha ha ha).  That was kinda nice, because I was able to spend the morning with my husband and pups. 

After I arrived at the hospital, they took me immediately to the pre-op area-- no waiting around at all.  This is when I started to get nervous, like in tears nervous.  My mom had come back with me, and the only thing I really remember about those first few minutes is asking mom if she REALLY, REALLY thought I was doing the best thing for me.  I knew I wanted to do the surgery, but some how still wanted my mommy to tell me yes!  And she did.  The critical care nurse inside her was supportive and SURE this was the best move.

After a barrage of nurses, anesthesia, and Doctor's questions, as well as prodding, poking, needles and an I.V. filled with relaxing drugs, it was time to go in.  11:50 on the dot.  I kissed my husband, hugged my mom and dad, and squeezed my sister's hand.  They wheeled me away, I was asleep before we even entered the operating room.

I woke up in the PACU around 5:30, I thought, man it's late, I really slept, but had no real concept of time in the whole scheme of things.  I stayed there for about 2 hours, and got to my room at 8p.  My husband stayed late into the night, but before I had the surgery I told him I wanted him to go to work as usual, and then just take a half day the day I was released.  My mom and sister took turns staying at the hospital with me at night.

(The dogs needed to be loved on by him, although my sister took great care of them during the day, they needed to snuggle with daddy at night.  Plus he works about 5 miles from the hospital so he was able to come for about 2 hours at lunch every day, and right back after work.  Love that man.)

So I met my nurse, and slept till 11p.  That's when I took my first walk.  One circle around the floor, Amelia (my nurse) said that was great.  I felt okay, sore, but okay.  I slept till 230a and my mom and I took another stroll.  Not as far this time but at least I got going. I slept some more.  I was given pain meds. every two hours via I.V. so my pain was well controlled and I was able to relax a bit.

Okay, more tomorrow.

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