Celebrating Meeting My Mini-Goals

20 pound loss:  Haircut and color  5 August 2013

35 pound loss:  New sneakers

50 pound loss:  Massage

75 pound loss:  New Purse

85 pound loss:  Treat my Stone-Cold-Fox of a husband to a camping trip

95 pound loss:   New "fancy" work-out gear

100 pound loss:  $100 Donation to local Rape Crisis center

120 pound loss:  Register for a warrior dash  Actually signed up for a 10k (Richmond VA 3/29/2014)
150 pound loss:  Right hand ring

Meeting my Dr.'s determined Goal weight:  Family portraits  ***as of Jan 17 2015 17 pounds away!!**


  1. Congratulations on your pounds down to date!

    I especially like your one-hundred pounds down reward.

    God bless you with continued success to goal!

    Ima at Sparkpeople

    1. Wow thanks! I'm not sure how I didn't see this sooner!


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