Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Post-op 3 months +1day

I can hardly believe it has been 3 months. This is a good thing!

So far---
+I have lost 61 pounds since surgery.
+I have lost 87 pounds total since January.
+Today I bought jeans 4 sizes smaller than last time I bought any.
+My husband surprised me with a fancy new mountain bike to celebrate, and we have been going on big rides each weekend together, we have been hitting trails and doing between 6 and 16 miles.
+Everything is more comfortable, my knees, my back, my feet, sleeping, walking, riding, everything!
+I continue to measure and weigh everything which is really helpful, because the few times I haven't I've had...lets say bad experiences, about 3 times.

OH!  I have been so excited about all of this I completely forgot I set some goals and rewards for myself!   Too funny!  The only reward I need is seeing those pants get too big!
Okay, okay, I'll skip the massage but get sneakers and a new talked me into it, twisted my arm!

Here is a picture from about 10 days ago.