Saturday, January 17, 2015

Long Time No Post 2014 in a Nutshell

So I haven't been as diligent as I would have liked when I began this.  BUT!  I don't give up so I'm stopping by for a little catch-up.  

Let me continue to be honest about this whole thing.

1.  It is not easy.

2.  It is not easy.

3.  It is worth it.

4.  It is not easy.

5.  My weight-loss slowed a bit last February,  and then again in November.  I'm not complaining, just letting folks out there know it's not all roses and sunshine up in here. I have lost a total of 168 pounds to date.  Slow loss is still loss.  I am more comfortable in the body I have now than I have ever been in my life.  i am so much more able to DO, and BE--this is a win in my book.

6.  I have had a few fails.  Okay, let me clarify, not complete fails, but I could have made better   choices.  But really, I should have been making these better choices all of my life, learning new habits is not easy, and it's not always comfortable.  I'm still managing those feelings in real-time, and learning how to handle the challenges that arise.

7.  I have actually had a few conversations with myself about what I am eating, or planning for my meals where I actually have to remind myself to make the better choice.  I find I have a harder time when I am having a lazy day, relaxing, or just generally not really doing anything.  I fall back into that "eat 'cause I'm bored" pattern.  This is a continual struggle.  Planning my day, having a purpose, and daily goals has helped me immensely in this area. 

8.  I have been having a better time at listening to my body and not my head.  I think I am really starting to figure out what it feels like to be hungry, and/or satiated.  This is a really big deal.  Really big.

So, what have I been up to Since December 2013 you ask?

Here goes...


Began my second semester of grad school, I am studying for my Master of Science, Art Therapy and Counseling degree.  This IS gonna happen!


Spent lots of time on dates with my Stone Cold Fox.


Ran my first race ever...  Monument 10K in Richmond, VA


Made lots of art


Finished my semester and celebrated, traveled to ATL and FL


Traveled to and through CT, MA, VT, NY, MI, dropped lots of Free Art Surprises, hiked with my honey, built cairns, and attended an awesome painting workshop.


Hiking, Hiking, Hiking, mountain biking (and lots of falls!), I also started running regularly and doing kettle bell workouts! Traveled to NC for a super fun wedding, and generally began challenging my body beyond anything I had ever done.


Lots more running, hiking, the WORST canoe trip EVER, a free public interactive art installation, and internship and classes started back up too!


My birthday celebrated with a 5 mile Muderella Mud Run, a little hiking, internship, more running, plus, my capstone project got into full-swing.

Camping trip in VT so I could attend another painting workshop, hiking, running, a halloween 5k, trip to visit Gramma, pumpkin painting party, Jayhawks concert and an Amy Schumer show.


I ran, and completed my FIRST HALF-MARATHON!  I NEVER could have done this 16 months earlier.  This was the most insane accomplishment to date.  I don't know what else happened this month...or this is all that really matters in this journey...


Finished out my semester, celebrated lots with friends and family, did some running, and reflected on the last year while setting goals for 2015!  Oh!  and I may have run my SECOND HALF-MARATHON! whaaaaaat?  yup.

Happy day folks!  Looking forward to sharing more in 2015!

Post-op 5 Months + 17 Days

Maybe I should just say Happy New Year!

Here are the first few things I am looking forward to in this new year... I couldn't possibly make a list of EVERYTHING I am looking forward to, but these are some pretty big ones.

+traveling to see an old friend and his beautiful wife

+starting my 2nd semester of Graduate School

+beginning my internship for the semester

+ participating in my first 10K  (I am sure I will walk most [all] of it but at least I am committed)

+making more art every day