Monday, July 8, 2013

My Journey to Date | Part 1

Now, I'm not gonna go into all the reasons I am fat.  They are probably a combination of  things every.single. fat person has been thru, struggles with, and won't admit (me included).  What I am going to tell you is how I came to this MAJOR life changing decision.  (And it's not just 'cause I am fat)

It is all mainly hinged on my health.  I have been lucky enough to be fat but basically healthy--no cholesterol problems, great HDL numbers, no blood sugar problems, no diabetes, or other major health concerns (aside from mental health of course, ha ha that area is debatable, ask anyone!).

But last year, everything changed.  I started getting headaches...enter--->High blood pressure.  I was also having trouble staying awake during the day, sweating at night, headaches woke me every morning, I would wake up 5,6,7 times a night to pee...enter--->Sleep apnea.

Over the last year my weight climbed and climbed.  I had not been doing, eating or exercising any differently than in the past, but I reached my highest weight, and by weight I don't mean weight, I mean dress size, I don't weigh myself, and I refused the scale at the Doctors office until I really made the decision to change something.

Even now I don't look at the scale or my chart, I just ask how many pounds, if any have I lost?  (24 since January 4, 2013) That's just shy of a pound a week (go me).

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